Microfluidic Devices & Heterogeneous Systems Lab

Centre for Nano Science & Engineering (CeNSE), IISc

Two modes of contact-time reduction in the impact of particle-coated droplets on superhydrophobic surfaces feature in the Frontispiece in Droplet.

Our paper on Tunable encapsulation of Encapsulation of Sessile Droplets in Liquid and Solid Shells is available online at Nature Communications.

Recent Publications


Microfluidics for Cells, Clusters & Organs

Develop microfluidic tools to enable study of heterogeneity in mechanical & electrical properties of single cells and multi-cellular clusters. Develop microfluidic twins for organ systems on chip.

Study interaction of drops with nanostructured surfaces and meshes. Precise generation and manipulation of microscale droplets for various applications.

Flexible Devices and Biosensors

Develop flexible and wearable sensors for continuous monitoring of health by measuring data from soft and curved surfaces of the human body.

Heterogeneous Devices and Microsystems

3D Integration of heterogeneous devices to achieve scaling of microsystems enabling miniaturization of sensor systems for healthcare and industrial IOT. 

Lab Life

We are always looking for enthusiastic students to join our group. More info on available positions can be found here.