Pool Rules

Swim only when a Lifeguard is on duty

Only Bathing Suits are allowed in the pool. No street clothes are allowed!

Patrons must comply with rules and requests made by Lifeguard staff

Please shower prior to swimming to protect healthfulness and sanitation of the pool

Lifejackets and Puddle Jumpers are allowed as long as they are coast guard approved

Children twelve (12) and under are not allowed to use the pool without a parent or responsible adult present (Must remain present the entire time)

Persons with open sores (blisters, cuts, etc), skin diseases, severe athletes foot, or any infections or communicable disease are strictly prohibited from using the pool

Horseplay, throwing objects, pushing, dunking, ball playing, boisterous or rough play,

running, etc….. is NOT allowed

Glass containers, and any food or drink are not allowed in the pool area with the exception of water.

Spitting, spouting water, blowing one’s nose, or discharging one’s bodily wastes in the pool is strictly prohibited

Profanity and improper behavior are not allowed

No diving in shallow water. Swimmers should dive in at least eight (8) feet of water

Gum chewing, candy, or any type of alcohol and tobacco products are prohibited in the pool area

Use of snorkels fins, masks, rafts, rubes, floatation device (PFD’s, water wings, and

kickboards, etc.) in the pool are prohibited

Please adhere to these rules and regulations. They are for everyone’s safety and swimming enjoyment

Thank You For Your Cooperation!!!