Family & Consumer Sciences Department

Welcome to Howell High F.C.S. Department

Family and Consumer Sciences education serves as a foundation for life-literacy education. We are the field of science focused on the science and art of living and working well in our complex world. One curriculum goal is to improve students' abilities to be successful in today's world. Success in our work, balancing with family relationships, impacts career productivity and success.

Family and Consumer Sciences education provides the first step to a high skill, high wage, high demand career opportunity. Skills that are needed for success are included in the course curriculum and standards that guide the Family and Consumer Science programs. Complex 21st century skills are best learned if first taught in a Family and Consumer Sciences education classroom. Student needs are addressed through hands-on educational and laboratory-based experiences that integrate developmentally appropriate theory and research-based teaching strategies to facilitate learning for the adolescent learner.

Through research, experiential education, and technology, our professionals help people develop the essential knowledge and skills to:

  • lead better lives

  • be work and career ready

  • build strong families

  • making meaningful contributions to our communities

Our primary areas of focus include:

  • Culinary arts, hospitality, and tourism

  • Education and training

  • Food science and nutrition

  • Health management and wellness, occupations

  • Housing and interior design

  • Human/child development and family relations

  • Personal and family finance

  • Textiles, apparel, and retailing

Sustainable practices, consumerism, and leadership principles are woven throughout the content areas.

The People-Centered Sciences