Welcome to

Nathan Hale

High School's

Library Media Center


The LMC is open from 7:05am to 3:15pm.


You may have up to 4 items checked out on your ID.

Book checkouts are for 3 weeks. Magazine checkouts are for 1 week.

Using the LMC during the school day

The Nathan Hale High School library is available to all students. To use this facility during the school day you must have a pass from one of your instructors, not your studyhall teacher.

Computer Policy

You need to have a permission slip signed by you and your parent or guardian in order to use the internet. You are responsible for following the guidelines from that form. You are not allowed to access social networking sites at anytime from library computers.

During the school day, there are no games, videos, or music allowed on the computer. You may access them before school, but you must bring your headphones or earbuds.

Contact Information:

Library Media Specialist LMC Educational Assistant

Jenny Naber Cheryl Fox

nabej@wawm.k12.wi.us foxc@wawm.k12.wi.is

414-604-3230 414-604-3231