Computer Science Endorsement Program

Holliston High School

Holliston High School is pleased to announce a new Computer Science Endorsement (CSE) program.

The CSE program is a way for HHS students to focus their electives on computer science-related courses and projects. Through a combination of coursework and independent projects, students participate in curriculum covering coding and programming, hardware systems, complex applications, and societal issues.

Upon completion of the program, students will have earned a special CSE certificate to be included with their HHS transcript, useful for college and scholarship applications.

Tiny students near a laptop
Source: SlidesCarnival

A Larger View of Computer Science

At HHS, we recognize that computer science has many different sides, and is used by professionals of many different fields. From programming and coding to social media, web design to database management, film special effects to robotics, computer science is an important area of study for future creators.

Venn diagram of computer science topics
Venn diagram of computer science careers

Flexible Participation

The CSE program at Holliston High School allows students to choose electives that suit their interests and future goals. Students can choose to focus on programming and coding, on digital art and graphic design, on hardware and robotics, or in areas of their own selection. The "cafeteria-style" selection and scheduling makes it easy for students to fit the CSE into their regular high school course selections.

See CSE-Related Electives for a full list of course offerings that fulfill the CSE.

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Who Can Earn the HHS Computer Science Endorsement?

The CSE program is an opt-in program, open to all HHS students, grades 9-12, who are interested in exploring computer science-related study. For scheduling purposes, it will be easiest for students to begin the program as 9th graders, but students may join the program at any point during their HHS career.

Graphic showing a subset of students participating in the CSE