Millburn Academy Science Faculty

The Science faculty at Millburn Academy includes the Biology, Chemistry and Physics departments.

In first and second year integrated Science is based on the third level of the Broad General Education (BGE). In third year learners can choose any recommended combination of Biology, Chemistry and Physics to cover fourth level of BGE.

In fourth year and above in the Senior Phase learners choose National 4, National 5, Higher or Advanced Higher Biology, Chemistry and Physics often achieving relatively good results. Expected prgress in courses is shown in our Year plans

We currently have 11 teachers and two school technicians who are based in Science. All classes are taught in laboratories with resources stored in the technician base.

If you wish to make contact directly to the Science faculty please email me at

Martyn Crawshaw Faculty head of Sciences


Biology - Heather Stirling. Claire Powell, Judi Oates, Hannah Alexander, Tracy Ferguson

Chemistry - Andy Hay, Christine Findlay, Dr Emma Borthwick

Physics - Martyn Crawshaw (Faculty head of Science), Ian Miller, Tim Probert

Technicians Heather Maclaren, Dr Graham Mochrie

Short video of the Science Faculty Trip to the London Science Museums in September 2017