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This site is designed to be a one-stop-shop in helping Hicksville students determine their high school and post-secondary plans.


Since the sixth grade, students, with the assistance of their guidance counselors, have been engaging in career exploration activities and planning their educational goals. Naviance is an internet-based program that parents and students can access from home. Naviance allows students to assess their strengths, values and interests by taking several career cluster inventory assessments. These assessments are based on John Holland’s widely researched theory that there are six vocational personality types. Utilizing the results of these activities, students can begin to know and understand themselves better and to develop an individualized post-secondary plan based on their personality type. Naviance is an excellent tool that also assists students in identifying the school subject areas they enjoy most while exploring various career clusters. In partnership with counselors and parents, Naviance guides students towards college and career readiness and in developing their roadmaps for success.


Through Naviance, students are also able to explore 16 career clusters, which were developed by the United States Department of Education in collaboration with various industry organizations. Career clusters are a way of grouping careers with common features and skills. Careers grouped into the same cluster typically require similar education and training. Exploring clusters can be a useful way to find a good career match, especially if you have general areas of interest but are not sure what specific careers match those interests. Career clusters can also help you better understand how your coursework in school can prepare you for certain types of careers.

According to the national career cluster framework there are 79 career pathways integrated within the 16 career clusters. Career pathways link student learning to specific occupations and the knowledge and skills needed for future education and employment.

All parents and students are encouraged to explore all aspects of the Naviance program. Students are encouraged to make their elective course selections based on their interests in these 16 career clusters and 79 career pathways. Guidance counselors are available to assist parents and students every step of the way throughout their secondary school experience.


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