Mental Health & Wellness


Identifying influences for well-being

A student's mental health can affect their school performance, attendance and achievement. Positive mental health can impact learning, yet up to 20 percent or more of children and youth experience mental health problems at some point.

Schools and parents share a collective responsibility, not only to respond to a student's mental health need, but to include the promotion of positive mental health and prevention of illness in our school communities. Education, awareness and the de-stigmatization of mental health are crucial pieces of the puzzle.

More information available at HDSB Mental Health & Well Being.


Resiliency & Conflict Management Skills


Learning to Play, Playing to Learn

Right to Play is committed to every child's right to play. They give children a chance to become constructive participants in society, regardless of gender, disability, ethnicity, social background, or religion. Through sport and play, they help create social change in communities affected by war, poverty, and disease.

Right to Play created the Playbook for teachers to enhance their student's understanding of social justice issues around the world. They adapted their international program to align with Canadian curriculum expectations using creative, interactive games and activities that are fun and educational.

When Children Play, The World Wins!