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My name is Jackie Lombardi. I am the school counselor at SVF. I am looking forward to partnering with you through education and support for your child.

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Happy New Year!

In celebration of getting rid of 2020, I wanted to share a resource with you that I love called Big Life Journal. You can sign up to receive a fun free weekly activity and item to print that will help you grow as a parent and foster bonds within your family by modeling Growth Mindset.

People with skills in Growth Mindset are happier and more successful because they have confidence in embracing challenges, put forth more effort, use mistakes as learning opportunities, and build life-long skills in resilience. Growth Mindset is the key to resilience and necessary for success. Big Life Journal can help you teach this to your child.

Check out 7 Fun Goal Setting Activities for Children here. I especially love the Wheel of Fortune!

At this link, you can sign-up to receive your free weekly email for a children's activity instill a Growth Mindset within your home.

Jackie Lombardi

FUN AT HOME (free!)

Skip to My Lou offers activities, crafts, recipes (easy ones!), home ideas, family activities, games, and holiday celebration fun.

Story Online offers your child stories. Famous people read stories in a way that brings the story to life for your child. There is an app you can download for it, too.

I Heart Crafty Things for those of us who love crafts at home.

Keep your kids busy for a long time using their creativity and problem solving energy with inspiration from this Basketball Trickshot video!

This is the PEP TALK WE ALL NEED to feel encouraged and to keep going. These children are here to remind you that you matter, you can do hard things, and YOU ARE LOVED!

This is created by children who are using the Big Life Journal resources to develop a growth and resilient mindset to face challenges with confidence!

10 Growth Mindset Documentaries for Families - Big Life Journal.pdf