Technology Help for Hays CISD Parents and Students

If you have any problems with any of these programs, please contact HCISD HelpDeskSi tiene algún problema con alguno de estos programas, comuníquese con el servicio de asistencia de HCISD

Phone: 512-268-2141 Ext 44357 or 512-268-7676 Email:

Support is available Monday through Friday 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM

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Network password help.

NOTE: Network Passwords will sync with ClassLink and Google and become the password for those programs also.

How to Enroll in the Password Portal Forgot your password? Want to change your password?

Document Video Document Video Document Video

General Help/Information

Remote conferencing - Please be sure to log into the Chrome browser or app before going to the District Remote Conferencing site or App in ClassLink.

Click here for instructions on getting signed into the Chrome browser app on an iPad.

Click here for instructions on getting signed into the Chrome browser on a personal laptop or Chromebook.

Instructions for running the Lockdown browser program for Collegeboard AP courses -- District Chromebook devices ONLY

Need to get the serial number for your District Issued Chromebook? You can send in the Hays Tag information or you can press the Alt + v Key while at the login screen and you will see the information in the upper right corner of the screen.


iPAD/iPhone instructions. NOTE: Please make sure the Zoom app is installed on your iPad. If you have a district iPad, go to the Self -Service App to install apps. If you have a personal iPad, you will use the App store.

Android devices

Chromebooks: District Chromebooks will have ClassLink and Zoom urls bookmarked in the campus bookmarks folder in the bookmark bar.

Click here for more help on how to join a Zoom meeting.


Students will will log into ClassLink to get into Schoology (See ClassLink Section below if you need help with that Site)

Parents can NOT use ClassLink to get into Schoology. Parents will use this website This site is also located on the HCISD District site under S in the A-Z tab.

Note: All Linked Schoology Help Pages can be converted to Spanish.

Schoology Student Help:

Device information: You will need to log into Schoology through ClassLink But it would help to add the app to your device for a better experience. For hep in completing assignments and working with the App on a mobile device, click the links below but skip the Sign Up and Log in sections.

Android iOS (Apple)

Homepage and overview

Working in your course

Adding and using Google Drive in Schoology

Reconnecting Google Drive Assignments App


Help If you still have problems with Google Assignments



Submitting Audio/Video to Assessments

Resuming a Test/Quiz or Assessment

Receive Overdue Assignment notifications

Recording workaround on iPads

Recording with Chrome

Link to more student help videos for Schoology

Parents Help Documents:

Parents will use this website to log into Schoology. You should have received your username and password from the district email system. Call HelpDesk if you did not receive that information.

Getting started: English Spanish

Device information

Android iOS (Apple)

Adding Additional Students: You will need to get the code for the child you need to add to your account from his or her teacher (you can contact any teacher for your child and they should be able to get the code from within Schoology)

Parent HomePage

Parent Account Privacy options

Email Settings

Receive Overdue Assignment notifications

Link to parent help videos for Schoology for Parents

ClassLink Single Sign-on

Students can access the district digital resources via Classlink.

NOTE: if you are using an iPad or Android tablet, you will need to install the App and configure the app to connect to the Hays CISD login page. Click here for instructions.

If you have any problems getting logged into ClassLink or into a program within ClassLink, please email or call HCISD helpdesk.

Link to ClassLink site for HCISD:

Username for students is his or her student ID number.

Password is the same password that students use to log into a computer at the school.

NOTE: You will be required to install an extension for Classlink. Please follow the instructions for your particular browser:

Google Information:

Students must be enrolled in HCISD for the upcoming school year to have access to a District Google account. Students in PK - 8th grade MUST have parent permission for Google (this is done during the enrollment process)

Student Google accounts usernames be created by using the student's first name and last name (as listed in the SIS system) followed by


Student Google password will be the same password that students use to log into a computer.

NOTE: Students in elementary grades do NOT have access to send or receive email through the student Google account. Students in grade 6-8 only have access to send and receive email from an or account, and students in high school have no email restrictions. All emails are monitored by the District.

Overview of some of the digital resources available at HCISD can be located on this page: