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With the way things are today, we must do what we can to stay one step ahead of the countless Phishing emails and Scams that run rampant across the internet these days. It is important to stay safe on your personal devices as well as your work devices. Remember, if you don’t know the sender, it is usually best to just delete the email and never click on unknown links. Also, NEVER give any of your credentials through an email link!

Click here for a short column written by Pieter Arntz and published by Malwarebytes. It’s quick but important read.

Here is another interesting read by Malwarebytes on Keyloggers and just how dangerous they can.

As always, if you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Helpdesk via email at helpdesk@hayscisd.net or you can give us a call at 512.268.2141 Ext. 44357

Every computer should be restarted at the end of each day. Re-starting your computer each day helps the computer touch base with the network and install any needed updates or software patches.

The majority of computer related technical problems can be resolved simply by shutting down your computer, and restarting.

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