Technology Classes

3D Modeling and Printing

Turn your ideas into reality. By using the 3D modeling CAD(computer aided design) software SketchUp, learn to create both assigned and original designs. Once your design is complete, learn how to take that design and convert into a 3D printed model using plugins and a Makerbot 3D printers. Following your design from model to print will allow you to go through real-world problem solving and optimization applications in order to see your vision become a reality.

Digital Research and Design

Using computer software and apps such as iMovie, YouTube, Docs, Sites, SketchUp, Prezi, etc., learn to research a topic and create an original digital presentation to showcase your ideas. Some of your exciting research and design projects will include website design, video creation, video game review/walkthrough, write, direct, proper use of social media, and edit your own movie. This course will give you the basics you need to be able to convey your research, ideas and information in a way that can reach the online digital world. Students enrolled in this course can choose to earn either a Social Studies or Technology credit. Also, provided in this course is an opportunity to work on bicycle engineering.

Technology and Design Innovation

echnology and Design Innovations supports high level student-generated, collaborative responses to real world problems through the use of available technology to plan, design, and implement solutions using a Design Thinking model. For example students may be challenged to understand the concept of “green living” through the exploration and creation of alternative energy sources. Students will be introduced to the concepts of “invention” (a process of turning ideas and imagination into devices and systems) and “innovation” (the process of modifying an existing product or system to improve it). The use of Video, digital design, robotics and 3D printing will be used to show student designs. Also, provided in this course is an opportunity to work on bicycle engineering.