Hartford High School has provided me with the support and freedom to transform from a History teacher to a technology teacher who focuses in 3D modeling, 3D printing, Robotics, Bike engineering, Video editing, and STEM advisor.

SketchUp has been with me helping from the beginning. Allyson McDuffie, head of SketchUp in Education has been great at helping me get a curriculum set up to enhance my students’ education.

Makerbot helped get me started by donating a replicator 2 for my 3D history project, and since then, I have purchased an additional replicator2x. They are the backbone of my printing projects.

Mason Racing Cycles has been great in helping us to maximize our grant money to fund this program with tools and a couple bikes.

3DP4E has recently gotten involved in my project by interviewing and putting my story in their blog. They have given me some great insights into how to create a makerspace in my school.

AET Labs has really stepped up and gotten involved with our competition. This year they have donated the grand prize of a Makerbot Mini 3D printer and have provided two nice printers to use during the competition and filament so all the teams in the state have access to high quality prints for the competition.

The HOPE Foundation has been very generous in helping to support our growing STEM and robotics club. We have competed in multiple robotics events each year and appreciate the support we have been given.

VT Agency of Education and Technology Integrationist Peter Drescher has partnered with me to create taking an idea I started at Hartford High School and getting it into schools throughout the state of Vermont.

Google has been very helpful in helping me creating a digital classroom. With the donation of Chromebooks as part of their initial Pilot program and continued networking help from Tia Lendo, head of Google in Education, I have been able to create new digital technology classroom within my high school.