Bike Building and Maintenance

Just starting a Pilot program with two Salsa Bikes from Mason Racing Cycles. These bikes were purchased through a grant donation from The Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation. Students will completely disassemble these bikes and then reassemble and learn how the bike works. These bikes have hydraulic brakes, air compression shocks and derailleurs. This will be a fun hands on project.

Along with building and maintaining bikes it is important to get out on the trails and ride the bikes. We are fortunate to have two great mountain biking locations close to us with the awesome trails of Boston Lot in Lebanon, NH and Hurricane Forest in White River Jct., VT.

Students spend Hblock and class time learning how to fix derailleurs and brake systems. Using tools from Park Tool and bikes from Mason Racing, Specialized and student bikes.

Students enjoy bringing in their old bikes that weren't working or weren't working well and spend time learning how to fix them and get them up and running.