3D Vermont

3D Vermont is an idea I came up with when Matt Dunn former Google Employee asked me to come up with a statewide event to showcase how Vermont students use technology. I decided to take my Creating a History of Hartford 3D modeling idea and have it run across the state. Now not only does Hartford, VT have a large set of digital 3D models of historic buildings, but so do many other towns. This project is helping to preserve our rich state history by researching and reporting about the buildings that have helped to define the state. This year is the 3rd annual 3D Vermont competition and over the past three years we have had dozens of schools participate and hundreds of students.

Visit www.3dvermont.org for more information

The following videos are designed to help people create geo located buildings in SketchUp and then 3D print them.

This video series will take you from downloading SketchUp to starting a geo located building all the way to printing the building on a Makerbot 3D printer.