Instruction/Formative Assessment

What is it?

Nearpod is an effective web-based direct instruction application because you can build in checks for understanding directly in the lesson. Since it is web-based, students can use any device with internet connection to participate in the lesson. In addition, you can receive reports of the lesson's activities for formative assessment or class participation grades.

How does it work?

Watch this overview of Nearpod with its basic features.

Try it yourself!

Create a Nearpod for a lesson. Include at least 6 instructional slides and one each of the following activities: open-ended question, draw it, poll, and quiz. Your lesson should be coherent and engaging.

Try it with your students.

Earn PD points!

Once you have created your Nearpod lesson and used it with a class, you can submit your lesson and reflect on your experience on this Google Form.

How do I find my Nearpod share link? See the clip to the right.

(This course is worth 5 points.)

Nearpod Share