Digital Choice Boards

What is it?

Digital Choice Boards are a fun way to assign work to students that gives them choice on what to complete. Students walk away with a feeling of ownership when they get to choose which activity they want to complete. You, the teacher, are also given the flexibility of personalized learning for students.

This site contains a podcast that you can listen to that will explain Digital Choice Boards. Casey Bell is a Google Certified Trainer who provides wonderful resources for teachers to use.

She also includes a digital book to help you create your Digital Choice Board. It is recommended that you download this ebook to help you with your Digital Choice Board.


At the bottom of the site above, you can sign up to get a FREE downloadable book that will walk you through how to make your own Digital Choice boards using either Google Docs or Slides.


  • You will create 1 Digital Choice Board for your students, that includes everything that they will need to complete the activities on the board.
  • Share that board with us through the form below. Please remember to open sharing settings so that we can see your creation.
  • (These boards can be shared with students through Google Classroom as an assignment and every student will receive a copy of the board to work through.)

Earn PD Points!

How will you earn PD points?

1. Create the Digital Choice Board with all squares completed with an activity.

2. Share your Digital Choice Board with us to get 10 points.