Video Content/Assessment

What is it?

BrainPop is an educational site packed with engaging videos, activities, and games. Using their videos is a great way to introduce a topic or review a skill. BrainPop Jr is for grades K-3 and BrainPop is appropriate for grades 3-8. With the division site license, you and your students can access all the content. Log in under the "waffle" in your email. You will see the icon for BrainPop under "More" or "Even More".

How does it work?

Watch this video.

Take advantage of all the features a full subscription provides and create a MyBrainPop teacher account. Get the specific school code from your elementary or middle school teacher/librarian or from a CITT.

HCS Info Lit BrainPOP Google SSO first time teacher and student set up step guide (on the fly)

Try it yourself!

Find a BrainPop video to teach or review a concept with your students. Create a quiz in BrainPop to assess your students' learning and assign it to them.

Earn PD points!

To earn professional development points, take a screenshot of your class results in MyBrainPop. Upload it on the Google Form and reflect on your experience with using BrainPop's assessment features.

How do I take a screenshot?

Press "command" + "shift" + "4." The appearance of your cursor will become a little grid icon and you can use this to select the area you'd like to take a picture of. It will automatically be saved to your desktop. For more info, follow this link to Apple Help Desk.

(This course is worth 5 points.)