What is it?

Formative is just what its name implies: a formative assessment tool.

Real time response to student work, Formative is truly formative assessment. Catch the student before he makes the same mistake over and over which cements the learning. Get live results and give real time feedback! Even grade the assignment!

How does it work?

Now you have a general idea of how this application can help you and your students, go to Formative and create an account. It's simple and free.

Time to make an assignment using an assessment you already have. Watch this video to learn how!

Make an assessment of 20 original questions. Now it's time to assign to your class or students!

Real time feedback is one of the unique features of GoFormative! Time to try it out with students!

Here's what you can expect to see.

How do I earn PD points?

Make a lesson in Go Formative and try it with your class. Create an assessment with 20 questions. Share the link in the Google Form below and reflect on your experience using Go Formative with your students.

How to share your Formative assessment

(This course is worth 5 points.)