Flipped Learning for Beginners

What is it?

Flipped Learning is changing the traditional workflow dynamic in your classroom. What was formerly homework (AKA independent practice) will now be done in the room with the expert (YOU!). What was formerly "lecture" (AKA one-way direct instruction) is now done at home through a video lesson. Students will still listen, take notes, and do work, just in a different venue or order or format.

How do I make Flipped Learning work for me?

Task 1: Learn more about how and why Jon Bergmann and Aaron Sams developed the Flipped Classroom. Read the article with 7 models that have evolved from the original model and decide which one best reflects your vision for your classroom. Use the template shown below to consider what will need to change and how those changes will look in your classroom. (Click on this link to make your own copy.)

My Flipped Learning Plan

Creating your own video content

Task 2: Watch this video set on creating videos with Quicktime and Screencastify. Read the articles on tips for making good instructional videos and apps for making videos on your iPad (optional). Once you've decided which program will fit your needs and skill level, complete the document below with your plan for three up-to-10 minute videos to teach a concept in your class. Click here to make your own copy of the Google Doc below. Use this for the first video and outlines for the next 2 videos in the unit. Record the first video, upload the video to Drive, then share the Google Drive link for that and your script/outline by submitting it in the form at the bottom of the page.

Lesson 2: Creating Your Own Video Content (Planning your first 4)

3 Flipped Learning Examples from the Best on the Web...

These flipped learning examples come from three of the brightest starts out there today in flipped learning. Learn more by reading this article.

...And an example from right here in town

Check out Becca LeCompte's YouTube Channel for an example of how it was done here in Hampton City Schools.

flippedlearning.org-How to Make Great Videos For Your Class An Infographic.pdf

Implementing Flipped Learning in Your Classroom

Task: To sum up your experience, please answer the questions the document shown below (click on this link to make your own copy). Please answer based on your vision for your classroom.

Implementation of the Flipped Learning Elements

How do I earn PD points?

Fill out this form with your documentation of your work to earn PD points! Be sure to link all three documents you created from those above, as well as your video.

(This course is worth 10 points.)