What is it?

Is a great tool to assess your students' learning with a variety of question types that include multimedia and interactive formats.

How does it work?

Follow these instructions to register for your own account.

Task: Create an account here. (Notice you can log in with Google to save time and energy!)

Here is your dashboard. To the left, you can slide out the gray taskbar or hide it.

You'll be creating an assessment with at least 5 questions from the Item Bank and 5 test questions you create yourself (total of 10 questions). You will need to include different types of questions like multiple selection, reorder, drag and drop, drop downs in the text, and label. These are just a few of the types available.

Watch this video on creating an assessment using the Item Bank:

Screenshot of home navigation

Task: Now that you've watched the video you are able to create an assessment with 5 questions from the Item Bank.

Watch this video about all the options available on all question types. This video will save you time figuring out how to format type and what media can be used in questions.

Drag and drop is one of the most difficult TEI question types to formulate. Edulastic makes it easy. Watch this video to see how:

Here is a link to the entire playlist on how to create each question type: Edulastic Question Type Tutorials.

Click on the blue "Author New Question" button. You will need to know the SOL designation to finalize the question so be prepared!

Screenshot of where to add new question

Now you are ready to choose your question type:

For each question, you will need to assign an SOL. Be ready with the appropriate SOL number. After you hit "Save", a new window will open to enter the grade level, state and subject, then the specific standard.

Screenshot of how to find VA standards

The easiest way to assign your assessment to students is by synching with Google Classroom. Watch this video to see how to do this.

You can also assign by providing students with the class code.

Try it out with your students and reflect in the submission form how the assessment assessed your students differently from other programs. Also, share the link to your assessment in the form under "Paste the link to your product here."

You will need to find the link to your Edulastic assessment by first publishing it, then back on "My Assessments" page, click the pencil icon next to Sharing setting.

Choose anyone with the link (or Add to Public Library) for your share option, copy the link and hit "Save". This is the link you will paste into the Google Form to earn credit for your work.

Screenshot of how to share with HCS
Screenshot of where to find share link

Earn PD points!

Fill out this form with your documentation of your work to earn PD points!

(This course is worth 5 points.)