Course Information (ICAP) 

Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) 

Counselors at the high school will meet with all students in groups, and individually to update their ICAP.  This process starts in February and will go all the way to the end of the school year.  All students in the high school develop this ICAP  in 8th grade, and update it each year as they go through high school.   A copy will be kept in the counselor's office at all times.  Students also receive a copy of their ICAP's to take home to parents after each revision.  

​Course Description Information

The Course Description Book button to the left has information on:

Moberly Area Technical Center

Hallsville sends eligible students to Moberly Area Technical Center for their career education.  A bus will be available and students will attend the morning session in the following programs:

For more information on each of the programs offered at MATC, visit their website.  Click here

The Application Link is below. Due date to apply is March 1 of each school year.  If you need help with the application please see your school counselor. 

Credit Restoration

When a student fails a high school course for credit with a 59% or lower grade, they have the option to enroll in the course the next time it is offered or utilize district-approved online software. In either choice, the student will have the opportunity to earn a letter grade reflecting their knowledge of the curriculum. 

Transcribing a Credit

When a student fails a high school course for credit with a 59% or lower grade, a grade of F will be entered on the the transcript at the end of the grading period. When a student successfully completes a credit recovery course, the grade earned in this process will also be transcribed. Both grades will calculate into the student’s cumulative G.P.A. 

Teacher Resources

Teachers supervising non traditional / auxiliary coursework may submit grades to the counseling office using this form.  E-mails are auto-collected to assure it is submitted by a staff member. 

Teachers / Admin needing to change / correct an already existing semester grade on a ranscript may do so by using this form.  E-mails are autocollected to assure it is submitted by a staff member.