Integrated Math 2B

Course Description

This is the main page for the first trimester of Integrated Math II. Integrated Mathematics II is the second course of a three course sequence including Mathematics I, II, and III. This course satisfies the California State Common Core Standards for Integrated Math II. The overall focus of the course is to:

    1. Extend the laws of exponents to rational exponents.
    2. Compare key characteristics of quadratic functions with those of linear and exponential functions.
    3. Create and solve equations and inequalities involving linear, exponential, and quadratic expressions.
    4. Extend work with probability.
    5. Establish criteria for similarity of triangles based on dilations and proportional reasoning.
    6. Investigate and make conjectures about properties of common geometric shapes with special attention to regular polygons.
    7. Use constructions to further understanding of geometric proof.
    8. Use proportional reasoning to understand trig functions and their relation to each other.

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Textbook: CPM Core Connections, Integrated 2

Integrated Math 2 Homework Help: CLICK HERE

CPM Parent Guide w/ Extra Practice: CLICK HERE