Geometry 1B


Course: Geometry 1B

Teacher: Mr. Gonzalez

Room: 202



McDougal Littell, Geometry Concepts and Skills.

Chapters Covered in the Book

Supplies Needed

Notebook, folder, and pencil.


  1. You have two options: either have your phone in your pocket/purse at all times during instruction or put your phone in the bag in front of class. If your phone is out and I see it, you have to put it in the bag.
  2. Students need to be on time for class and prepared for the instructional time and activities. What this means, is that you have your notebook out and pencil by the time the bell rings.
  3. School dress code will be enforced in class. If you’re wearing something inappropriate, I may ask you go to the office.
  4. Inappropriate language (any language) is not allowed in class.


90%-100% = A 80%-89% = B 70%-79% = C 65%-69% = D 64% and below = F


Classwork 30%

Tests 70%


  • You must show all of your work on the classwork/homework to earn full credit.
  • Classwork/homework is due the following day it is assigned.
  • Late work will be accepted.
  • The more classwork/homework you turn in, the higher your grade you will earn.


You must keep your notes organized in one single notebook that I will provide. You will be allowed to use your notes on some of the tests, so take lots of notes.


Tests have the heaviest weight on your grade. If you miss a test or don’t score well (at least 70%), you will be encouraged to retake the test by the end of the week.

School Policy

Students whose attendance is below 80% will not earn credit for the class. That means that if you have excessive absences you will be in danger of being below 80%.