Generation YES


Course: Applied Technology (Gen Yes)

Teacher: Mr. Gonzalez

Room: 202



Course Description

GenYes is a class that allows you to learn coding, make games, and repair computers. We learn the fundamentals of technology and how code makes it function. You get to work with teams, you get to experiment, and be creative in the class. Not only is the class great, the teacher is willing to help you with any assignments along the way, and he gives you a lot of time to work on your assignments so don’t worry about rushing. Expect to have daily assignments, group work, and a lot of experimentation in the class’s agenda. (Written by: Panuel Karapetian, a Daily student on 2/6/19)

Some of the skills students will learn in class:

  • Create a website through Google Sites.
  • Use Google Tools such as: Slides, Sheets, Docs, Forms, Drawings
  • Use SketchUp for 3 dimensional drawing.
  • Use Scratch to create video game and logos.
  • Create Screen recordings.
  • Use Khan Academy to learn Javascript
  • Make youtube videos.
  • Create your own Podcast