NCEA Level 1 Digital Technologies

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The Learning Sites & Sequence

Using the Agile Process

The Level 1 students were the first group at Grey High to attempt the New Digital Technologies NZQA standards, which have been well designed to engender and develop authentic learning programmes. We were very fortunate to have the Rotary Chair, Dr Woods, visit us in the classroom to share some ideas about the development of the new Grey Base Hospital’s Paediatric Ward. The aim for the students' is to engage with the various stakeholders and develop a proposal for a character for a game that can become iconic for the children and their parents on the West Coast. The students will present their initial sketches and the basic concepts in a project brief to Dr Woods and a few other stakeholders, to obtain their feedback, as they enter into an iterative cycle to test and evaluate their games and character designs. They will be using a student version of a software called Maya which works really well with Unity. JavaScript is the language of choice this year as it also compliments Unity. As the develop concepts of game mechanics, they will weave in ethics and empathy into the process, keeping their target audience in mind.

Reseraching Peadiatric Ward designs

The Initial Research

Thank you everyone for sharing your initial documents with Dr Woods and explaining your research so far. It is good to remind ourselves that a design brief is usually developed around empathy and heuristics(the smart and intuitive way to do things). Which means that you as a designer have ensure that the Stakeholder and the audience are your priority.

1. Please explore the concept design o f the Greybase Hospital and keep the 10 most important consideration in mind while designing your background for your character and game design for the paediatric ward.

2. Take a glance at the Usability heuristics, especially the aesthetic and minimalist design. Also continue to explore the images of other wards you have seen so that you focus on the consistent design aspects appearing in them. Please remember to think about the ward and not the game as yet. We are still at the big picture stage.

3. By now you have a bit of an idea what your project plan is going to look like. Your task is to use the Brief Template provided to a Design brief for the project using the information you have so far about what a children's ward should look like, the Greybase Hospital Concept Drawings, conversations with the stakeholder ( Dr Woods) and information from the Christchurch Paediatric Ward.

AS 91877: Develop a Proposal for a Digital Outcome-Concept design for a basic game and an iconic character for the GHPW

Project Brief: The aim of the project is to raise the awareness of the Greybase Paediatric Ward through our digital outcomes

The student, from stakeholder feedback, are asked to design a character and game for the new Grey Base Hospital’s Paediatric Ward. The primary aim is to allow the children and Whanau to associate the character with the various facilities (both on the premises and online) and promote ease of use. This character can also be used as an icon at the Christchurch hospital to provide the children with a familiar ‘face’ to put them at ease, when they travel there for treatment. Ethics, empathy and Heuristic design principles are indicated in the brief statement.

AS 91883: Develop a Computer Programme-Game Design and Mechanics on Unity

AS 91884: Use Basic Iterative Processes to Develop a Digital Outcome

Game Storyboard

AS 91886: Demonstrate Understanding of Human Computer Interaction

AS 91880: Develop a Digital Media Outcome- Designing a Website for the GBPW


Usability Heuristics