Jazz Studies and Contemporary Music

Music Department

Applications for the 2023-2024 school year

 open 12/1/22 and close 1/27/23

Audition dates are 2/24/2024-3/2/2024

When you submit your application you will receive an email assigning you a date and time.

Audition requirements for each instrument are at the top of this page under the more button.

Please email all questions to:


Please only apply to the Fine Arts Center if you can commit to following the application and audition instructions, checking your email and your Backpack account regularly, and showing up to your audition time if you are offered an audition.


In order to receive an audition with us, you must be a student in good standing at your school.  We will look at your discipline record and grades to ensure that you will be a successful student in the rigorous, independent learning environment of the FAC.


*Students who will not be attending a GCS High School next year - Charter School, Home School, Private School, Virtual School:



Performance Schedule


October 5th "Jazz All-Stars" Peace Center 7:00PM

October 18th PM Jazz (2:25 Class) Sutherlin Recital Hall 7:00pm

October 19th PM Jazz (1:30 Class) Sutherlin Recital Hall 7:00pm

               November 9th "Jazz All-Stars" Peace Center 7:00PM

       December 8th Winter FAC Showcase 9:15/1:30

 February 7th PM Jazz (2:25 Class) Sutherlin Recital Hall 7:00pm

    February 8th PM Jazz (1:30 Class) Sutherlin Recital Hall 7:00PM

                    February 15th "Jazz All-stars" Peace Center 7:00pm

                  February 26th-March 1st Jeff Hamilton Residency

             February 29th  Jeff Hamilton Concert 

           Sutherlin Recital Hall 7:30PM 

                  March 14th "Jazz All-stars" Peace Center 7:00pm

               March 28th Jazz (AM Class) Sutherlin Recital Hall 7:00pm

         April 2nd Jazz (1:30 Jazz Class) Sutherlin Recital Hall 7:00pm

         April 3rd Jazz (2:25 Jazz Class) Sutherlin Recital Hall 7:00pm

         April 12th Jazz Elevate Peace Center 7:00PM

          May 3rd Spring FAC Showcase 9:15/1:30



The Jazz All-Stars 2022-2023

2022-2023 FAC All Stars at Elevate

The Jazz AllStars 2021/2022

Blake Slaughter attending the Lincoln Center Jazz Camp July 2022

The Jazz Allstars 2020/2021

The Jazz All-Stars 2018-2020 

Every Jazz concert held at the FAC will be recorded live. You may purchase an electronic download of any of these concerts. After purchase, you will receive information via email on how to download the recordings.

The Fine Arts Center of Greenville, SC was established in August of 1974 as the first specialized arts school in the state of South Carolina. Students at the Fine Arts Center are artistically talented and wish to take an intensive pre-professional program of study. Students apply and are selected on the basis of talent, interest, and commitment to their discipline and study. Students are provided advanced comprehensive arts instruction in the areas of architecture, theatre, dance, visual arts, music, creative writing, or digital filmmaking.