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View the 2020-21 Agreement Form and Responsible Use Procedures

Expectations for Students

Students will...

  • bring the Chromebook to school every day fully charged and not bring their chargers to school.

  • protect the device from damage or defacement.

  • practice responsible digital citizenship at all times.

  • never leave their Chromebook unattended.

  • save all work in Google Drive. Local files can not be retrieved if the device is damaged or stolen.

  • not download or access inappropriate material either at home or at school.

  • never give their login information to other students.

  • remember that if they give their device to others to use, the student is responsible for any content viewed on the device, any material downloaded, and any damage that may occur while it is out of their possession.

  • report missing or damaged Chromebooks as soon as they realize the problem.

  • pay Chromebook/charger fees in a timely manner, or set up a payment plan with the school.

Let's Make a Deal!

This dazzling device can be used for instruction at school and assignments at home. But wait... there's more! Check out the video below for everything you need to know about using your school-issued Chromebook.

Let's Make a Chromebook Deal.m4v

GCSD Technology

Greenville County Schools is pleased to be able to provide a personal device for every student’s to use in the classroom and at home to enhance their educational experience. Greenville County teachers are preparing students for jobs and careers that will be heavily focused on technology. For students, the ability to use technology efficiently to get work done, creatively to produce work and effectively to communicate and collaborate with others will be critical to survive the 21st Century workplace.

We live in a century defined by change. Many political and socioeconomic factors that have limited the economies of parts of the world have slowly been removed while huge technological advances have been made, allowing universal access to the flattening power of the Internet. Ubiquitous access to the Internet has shifted the demand on American students to develop skills that prepare them for more than the traditional workplace. Students in America today are no longer alone in competing for jobs in America.

Greenville County believes that it is our responsibility to prepare students for all paths of life including future education and future careers, especially careers that do not exist currently. We believe we must provide students with the skills necessary to adapt to change in a century that has seen change more rapidly than any previous century.

Personalized Learning

It is the goal of Greenville County Schools to prepare students for the future, even though the future is unknown. We must provide students with the tools necessary to adapt and change in a world that changes rapidly. The Personalized Learning Initiative will:

  • Extend student learning beyond the walls of the classroom

  • Prepare students to be safe, responsible and innovative digital citizens

  • Engage students in real-world problems by collaborating with others in the classroom and across the world

  • Enable students to take responsibility for their own learning

  • Provide students with the tools to be successful in their future endeavors in higher education and/or careers

  • Provide equal access to technology and tools to all students in order to provide equal opportunities for all students

Sites not loading at home?

Make sure you authenticate your wi-fi connection. View the 3-step instructions.

eLearning Chromebook Help

Teachers and students can call HELPDESK (355-4357) for technical assistance.

Chromebooks in need of repair can be brought to the nearest Career Center from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday - Thursday. There, devices can be swapped out by district staff. The Golden Strip Career Center is the closest location to Bryson Middle School.

Questions about Chromebooks?

Contact our Chromebook Clerk, Mrs. Clay or our Media Specialist, Mrs. Barker.


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