Asonn Guzman’s journey through life

A Biography

Asonn first entered the world at 11:55 pm on April 29, 2009 at a little island called Galveston.Yunuen and David Asonn’s parents brought him to his home in Houston, Texas. Asonn started talking at seven months old and his first words were mom and after that his second was dad and his third was apple, his first english word.A year after that he spoke things flawlessly his parents could understand him very well and his communication skills paid off in the future...but they also had their downsides.When he first entered school he was top in the class but eventually he was the only one responding and he sometimes talked over people which yes it did get him in trouble.He defeated his weakness at 2nd for he had met a person that would change his life, his future best friend.His name was Diego and since that time to the present day they are still great friends.He has four brothers, Jassen, Andy and Noah the youngest of the four.Asonn’s has been a great student science he started school. Always at the top of the class and always with the best grades.And since then he’s kept it that way.

Now when it comes to Asonn’s hobbies his favorite is soccer and he's been playing it as long as he could remember.He had been on a soccer team at school.That increased his love for soccer even more and even thought every chance he got at church to play he’d do it.Basketball is something that he also likes to do and at 6th he would play with 7th graders and eventually he started liking it.Sometimes when he had free time he would read books as his favorite subject is nonfiction.

When it comes to accomplishments there's many things Asonn has been triumphant at.And his recognisable, but it just couldn't get better than winning poetry 3 consecutive times.He’d practise every single day and by the he got to the stage he was fearless he'd never break a sweat.And remember he was on a soccer team well he got into the best team and by the end of the tournament Asonn had won his first soccer trophy.Asonn also liked to sing so he joined Choir and while nobody really thought he could make a difference he sure did everybody was amazed when they how him sing.When he entered his school’s talent show there was clearly no match for him or his partner diego they were the perfect duo.After he got 1st place it wasn't long before he gained popularity.Hes been in GT since the beginning and currently has all advanced classes.

The only things he wants for his future is to have a good career with a decent salary, graduate with straight A’s, have a scholarship and help his family get economically better.It's a mystery where hell end up and where life decides to take him, but all he knows is that hell work tirelessly and endlessly for his dreams to come true and ti live in the best possible way there is.