Aida P.

    The Life Of Aida P.

Aida P. was born at 8:36 on the morning of March 05, 2009, at one of Houston’s hospitals. Her parents, Karla and Angel, brought her home with her older brother, Angel. Later they took her to another house at three years old. After six years, one of her sisters was born on March 14, 2015. Two years later, her little sister joined her family on March 4, 2017. Aida is currently attending Woodland Acres Middle School and is taking all Advanced classes.

Aida’s favorite hobbies are listening to music, volleyball, and reading. She played for two years in the volleyball A-team. She listens to music when she wants to relax and relieve stress. She enjoys reading books about horror and mystery because she thinks every book is like a movie. One of Aida’s talents is that she can draw well if she has something to copy from. She does all of her hobbies when she has free time and enjoys doing them.

Aida has many accomplishments, one of which is that she got 1st place in U.I.L. Social Studies and 2nd place in Geographic. She won 1st place with her teammates in a district bilingual competition. She also won 1st place in the Spanish Spelling Bee competition at her school. Her volleyball team won district champions and now they have a banner in the gym with their name on it. The accomplishments that she is most proud of are that she has all advanced classes and has been in Encounters since 4th grade.

Aida’s goals for the future are bright; she plans to get into the high school volleyball team and get all advanced classes. Then she wants to graduate college being the first five of her class, by studying and giving all she has. That way she can get a high-paying job and buy her own house. Aida plans her future to be bright and she hopes to accomplish her goals.