Video Creating and Editing software or Websites

This is software installed on school Windows 7 computers. You can download it to your home computer if you run Windows 7. Use video clips and still images to create your video. Record audio narration and fit the images to your text.

iMovie app for iPad, iPod, or iPhone. The app costs $4.99 and is a very easy way to create a movie using video, audio and images. (It is already installed on ipads at the HS and many others around the district. Check with your teacher or library media specialist to see if it's available at your building.)

WeVideo is an online video editor from Google. It has benefits such as being online, collaboration with others, timeline editing. However, the free account is limited to a download limit of 7 min. videos per month.

One of the tools available through Adobe Spark is a video tool.

Animated Style Videos

Animated movies using your images or ones from their bank. Download by posting to Youtube or present from the website. It's a good mix of video an dpresentation when you pu "pause points" in it. Click here to view a sample presentation. (click Play when it pauses after video loads)

Helpful tools when working with video

Audacity is installed on school desktops and laptops. It is an audio recording/editing software that allows you to record, edit and mix audio tracks for export as mp3 files. You can download this software free on your home computer.

Sometimes you need to convert video files in order to use them in different applications. This software can also take the audio track from videos and turn it into an mp3 file. Format Factory is a free download.