Information Visualization

Canva is a digital design tool. Create posters or documents with beautiful designs. Uses Google credentials for acocunt login. Save your designs as .pdf documents for use offline.

Create and share your visual ideas online as an infographic. Use "vhemes" which are visual themes. Drage and drop a vheme onto your canvas for easy creation of your visual idea.

Interactive media platform. Choose an image as your main workspace and add "hot spots" which allow you to place more information, images, or videos that show when people hover over certain spots.

Create a mind map and save to Google Drive, download it, or share it online with a link. Limited to text and links.

Create a mind map by yourself or collaborate with others. Can include text, pictures, and video. Free account limited to 3 mind maps with a maximum of 3MB of files.

Create a word cloud from text you provide. Choose different fonts, colors, and layouts. (This option will not work on a chromebook. See below for option for chromebooks) Print the finished word cloud.

Word Cloud generator for use on chromebooks (and PC's) Install this Google Drive add-on and generate word clouds from your Google Doc.

Use Tagxedo to publish shaped word clouds.

Create graphs and charts. There are 4 different graphs and charts to choose from here. Graphs must be completed in one session.