Comics and Animation

Create a graphic novel type of presentation using X-treme Comics. To use, click the "Get Started" button and choose the free "Guest" as your type of account. Be sure to save your "guest pass code" to return later and finish a project.

Create animated movies using your images or their images. Download your finished animated video by posting to Youtube (using your school Google account) or present it from the website. You can make it work well for a presentation by putting "Pause points" in it which allow you to talk about what has been shown. Here is an example of a finished video (click the play button when it pauses.)

Create a basic comic strip with up to 4 scene blocks. To share with others, 1. choose to "Snip" an image of your final product and put in a doc or slide, 2. Print it as a PDF document, or 3. email to your teacher. If you need more than 4 blocks, create multiple comics and put the images together in a doc or slide.