Collaborative Tools

Use Docs, Sheets, or Slides to collaborate with classmates in real-time.

Prezi allows more than one person to work on the file simultaneously. Students will need a Prezi account in order to collaborate. For younger students, district accounts are available. Ask your teacher for help if you can't create one yourself.

The New and Improved Google Sites now allows multiple users to edit the site simultaneously. Everyone see the changes immediately. Access Google Sites from your Drive. Click "New" -- "More" -- "Google Sites" to create or access your sites.

Work with others to create a mind map which can include text, pictures, and video. A great tool for planning a group presentation! Students have to create a free account

Collaborate to create a Timeline. This website utilizes Google sheets for all of the information and then automatically creates a timeline which includes all of the data. Follow the directions on this website to begin. (You must use the spreadsheet template found on this site_