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Assessment and Evaluation at Lockview

Teachers at Lockview High School use assessment as a tool FOR learning and AS learning, not just a tool OF learning.

Assessment FOR and AS learning provides students with feedback on “how they are doing and where they need to improve”. Assessment FOR and AS learning allows students some time for reflective learning and mastery. Rather than receiving a numerical mark on these pieces of work, students receive comments and descriptive direction/suggestions on these pieces of assessment, which allows students a chance to improve their performance before a numerical mark is assigned.

Members of our school community—students, staff and parents/guardians, need to see and understand the merits in our assessment and evaluation practices. Formative assessment is a means to develop skill and mastery, while summative assessment identifies for the learner their ‘level’ of ability/accomplishment in that particular assessment event. Since learning takes many forms and many variables influence learning, it is important to ensure that a student is working toward and to their potential, and that they have repeated opportunities to demonstrate this potential.