East View Patriot Band

We, the members of the East View Patriot Band, are a family driven by excellence and class. 
We provide a safe environment for students to express themselves through music. 
Guided by our traditions and high standards, we inspire every member to exercise
a strong work ethic and maturity in both music and life.
We leave no one behind.

One Band. One Family. One Community.

Patriot Band History

Since its inception in September 2011, the goal of the East View Patriot Band has been to create a culture where students can become strong, independent, responsible young adults who understand the value of working hard to achieve a unified goal.  The Patriot Band also strives to create a culture of community collaboration within our organization, and alongside other organizations in our school, school district, and state.  We use music and arts as a vehicle to achieve these goals. The student musicians of the Patriot Band have dedicated themselves to music, performance, and to each other from their first year of performance, earning best in class and caption awards in 2011 and beyond.  Since that time, the Patriot Band has continued perform at the highest level, consistently winning awards in Marching Band, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Color Guard, and Percussion contests throughout the state. Along with the many successes of our ensembles, several of our individual students successfully competed in many of the district, region and state level competitions in the area.  Students in the Patriot Band have earned positions in the District, Region, Area, and TMEA Texas All State Band.  They have earned Superior ratings and Outstanding Soloist awards at GISD, UIL Region and State Solo and Ensemble Contests. Most importantly, our students go on to pursue music as a vocation or as an avocation, so they can foster the next generation of high school musicians through support of local and national music, direct support of our program, and through encouraging the future members of the Patriot Band.  Our students become not only productive members of society, but leaders in the community.

Practice like you've never won; perform like you've never lost.






Lynn Anderson   Janice Brown   Laura Denham

 Kara Hudson-Marbibi   Bob & Kelly Kalka

 Monty MaGill   Susanne & Lou Sray 

 Jane Trainor   Wag A Bag   Waterboy Graphics