July 2019

CSL members attended the Say Dyslexia Rally where Dr. Eden spoke.

May 2019

Celebrations after Dr. Brignoni-PĂ©rez's successful PhD defense!

Celebrations after Dr. Torre's successful PhD defense!

Sikoya earning an award at the Dept. of Pediatrics research day event.

March 2019

CSL members celebrate Sikoya Ashburn for her achievement in earning the Dr. Karen Gale Award for Exceptional Ph.D. Student in the Sciences!

July 2018

CSL members finish scanning for the Math and Reading Summer Study!

July 2018

CSL members celebrating at the annual lab summer party!

Gabrielle presenting at CNS.

March 2018

Gabrielle presenting at Cognitive Neuroscience in Boston!

June 2017

Presenting at Human Brain Mapping in Vancouver!

Sikoya presenting at HBM
Breana presenting at HBM
Cameron presenting at HBM
CSL lab members at Capilano Bridge
Cameron and Sikoya at HBM
Lab photo at HBM
Lab photo at HBM

June 2017

Celebrations after Dr. Turesky's successful PhD defense

CSL celebrating Ted's defense

CSL alumni celebrating with Dr. Turesky!

CSL alum celebrating Ted's defense

June 2017

Dr. Eden in action at the CFMI scanner

Dr. Eden at CFMI

January 2017

Sikoya and Edith hard at work on connectivity analyses

Aaron joins CSL for his internship!

September 2016

Lab members present their posters at Student Research Day!

Sikoya at SRD
Breana at SRD
Gabrielle at SRD
Edith at SRD

June 2016

The lab celebrates research assistant Diana Alkire as she goes on to pursue her PhD at the University of Maryland

CSL members celebrating Diana Alkire