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At The Center for the Study of Learning (CSL), we investigate the neural basis of learning and its disorders.

Our mission is to conduct research that will shed light on the causes and effects of learning disorders, so that better programs for diagnosis and treatment can be developed. We combine neuroscience and clinical practice to study a range of developmental disorders, including dyslexia and dyscalculia. We also study how typical learning occurs to better understand the problems encountered by individuals with learning difficulties.

Through this work we hope to enhance the academic and social quality of life of children and adults affected by learning challenges.

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CSL News

May 2019

Gabrielle-Ann Torre successfully defended her doctoral dissertation! See photos here.

Sikoya Ashburn was awarded a prize for her presentation at the Dept. of Pediatrics research day event!

March 2019

Sikoya Ashburn was awarded the Dr. Karen Gale Award for Exceptional Ph.D. Student in the Sciences! See photos here.

June 2018

Guinevere Eden was featured in an interview with Wired Magazine about advancements in dyslexia. See the full video.

Guinevere Eden was interviewed by Eye on Design Magazine about special fonts in dyslexia. Read the article.

February 2018

Guinevere Eden was recently awarded a $1.7 million grant from National Science Foundation to understand the relationship between reading and math difficulties.

September 2017

Dr. Eden was featured in an interview with APM Reports. See the full interview.

Anna Matejko was featured in Georgetown's "Research in a Minute" for Postdoc Appreciation Week. Watch the video.