Geauga County Beekeepers Association

The Geauga County Beekeepers Association was founded on January 8th, 1976 at the Fowler Mills Church. Our club has approximately 70 members who attend our regular meetings.

Our mission is to enlighten the public about the benefits of beekeeping; to keep members updated on information such as diseases, equipment and beekeeping events; and to support each other by sharing our personal beekeeping experiences as well as helpful hints and guidance.

Members keep up to date on each others losses due to mites, hive beetles and natural predators such as bears and skunks.

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Broodminder T2 Crowd Funding Opportunity!

Broodminder is coming out with a new sensor. It only monitors Hive Temperature. You can get a 4 pack of this new sensor for $100.00 It's due to ship in November. Just in time to put in hives for winter monitoring.

The data I've counted on the most is the brood temperature. This sensor measures the temperature right above the brood box it is installed on.

A great way to monitor the status of your hive during the brutal cold without opening it up.

For more info or to get in on the discount:

Note: Blue Sky Bee Supply is a Club Member

Link to the Presentation on Varroa Control Methods made by Melanie Seal of Blue Sky Bee Supply at our June Meeting

HBHC Mite Control

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Our Monthly Meetings are over for 2018

Please remember to prep your bees for winter and keep treating for mites if able.

Our meetings will resume in February.

NOTE: Bee Chat meetings (below) WILL continue through winter

Next Bee Chat

Saturday, December 1st

9am - 11:30am

A few experienced beekeepers will be there to chat about bees. Please join us to enjoy good coffee and great pastries, (available at Coffee Corners) and lively conversation about bees.

@ Coffee Corners,

14544 N Cheshire St, Burton OH

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