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Geauga County Beekeepers Association

Our last meeting of the year will be Oct. 26, 2023  6:30pm - 8:30pm

Munson Community Center 

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Next Regular Club Meeting

Thursday Oct. 26, 2023  6:30pm - 8:30pm

Munson Community Center
12210 Auburn Rd., Chardon, OH 44024

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Honey Tasting Contest Rules below

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Geauga County Honeybee tasting contest Rules

We will be having our 1st annual honey tasting contest to find out who has the best tasting honey in the county. We will need people to volunteer to help with the tasting and other duties. Please see the spreadsheet below and don't be shy to volunteer. We are only as good as the people who help out. (See below).

Also we will be having be having our annual bake off. You may make any type of cookies, pastry, pie etc. Here are the rules according to the Geauga County Fair.

9. Entries in Baked Goods MUST HAVE AS ITS SWEETENING NO LESS THAN 50% HONEY. This means crusts, icings and fillings. All crusts, icings, fillings, etc. must be accompanied by a separate 3 x 5 recipe card marked with the class number & exhibitor number in the upper right hand corner. Note: Chocolate chip, coconut, etc. used in the recipe may effect percentage of sweetening. 

10. Entries in Baked Goods must be accompanied by a recipe card, 3" x 5". Recipes must be marked with class number and exhibitor number in upper right hand corner. 11. All iced baked goods to be entered in disposable boxes either plastic or paper. 12. All Baked Goods will be judged on taste, texture, appearance and appropriateness of class. 13. Pie entries must be baked in disposable aluminum foil pan (maximum size, 10 inches; minimum size, 8 inches).

No prize money just bragging rights.

We will not be having any speaker, just and fun and entertainment. Food provided by you. We will provide drinks. Officers will be giving their end of the year reports.

OSBA Quality Award pins will be passed out. 1 per family.

Geauga County Honey Tasting

Next Bee Chat

Saturday October 14th, 10am

Burton Public Library
(on the Square)

2023 Meetings

Feb 16  Munson Community Center 6:30-8:30   Honey Comb Management

Mar 16  Munson Community Center (small meeting room)  6:30-8:30  Gail Pruitt  Planting for Pollinators

April 13  Munson Community Center 6:30-8:30 Barb Bloecher  What happens when the county inspector show up

June 15 Munson Community Center 6:30-8:30  Dick Cryberg  Varroa Mites

July 15th, Big Creek Park  - Potluck and workshop build a Bee Escape

August 17th Munson Community Center 6:30-8:30  Todd Dykes  August is the time to prepare for winter

August Labor Day weekend Geauga County Fair

September 21  Munson Community Center 6:30-8:30 Emily Meuller who will talk about Monitoring for Sustainability 

Oct. 26  Munson Community Center, First Honey tasting contest to see who has the best tasting honey in Geauga county. One entry per person, Cost $5 per entry. All entry money will be divided among the winners. More details to come. 


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The Four Seasons of Beekeeping Calendar

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