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Geauga County Beekeepers Association

2022 Club Dues are now Due

2022 Meetings

February 17th - Virtual, 6PM Q &A, 630 PM meeting - Jeanie Saum from OSBA, using propolis and bee venom in apitherapy.

March 17th - Munson Township Community Building, 630 PM - Melanie Seal with Nutrition in 4 seasons of beekeeping.

April 21st - Munson Township Community Building, 630 PM -Swarm Mgmt - TBA

May 7th - TBA, 9 AM- 3PM - Field day

June 16th- Munson Township Community Building, 630 PM - TBA

July 21st- Munson Township Community Building, 630 PM - Trish - making a deep outer cover and Summer Management

August 18th- Munson Township Community Building, 630 PM. Gene McCune - Winter prep

September 15th- Nominations for upcoming Elections - Marketing hive products

October 20th- President and Secretary Elections - What to do with wax? Lip balm, soap, lotion

First-year beekeeping classes

Dale Olson with Kenston Community Ed

Monday February 7, and March 14, 6:30-8:30pm. Located at the Gardiner Center, 9421 E. Bainbridge Rd. Room C5

Phone Number to register: 440-543-2552, or email

Fee: $55 per family. Includes an outstanding bee book

Trish Harness with Middlefield Library

Weds Feb 2nd, Feb 9th, Feb 16, 630-830 PM at the Middlefield Library. This is a series, with each class being a different topic for new beekeepers. for Feb. 2nd signup for Feb. 9th signup for Feb. 16th signup

Christine with John's Country Nursery (Middlefield)

There will be a beekeeping class on Saturday, March 5th, from 10am-3pm.

Cost is $30.00 contact Christine at

New! Intermediate beekeeping class Mar 1st

Tues Mar 1st, 630-830 PM at the Middlefield Library, also from Trish Harness. for signup

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Upcoming Meetings

Next Bee Chat

Bee Chat will be December 4th, 10:00am

at the Burton Public Library

Next Regular Club Meeting

will be in 2022

Enjoy your holidays and good luck to your bees

The Four Seasons of Beekeeping Calendar

note: this document is listed here with the permission of Queen Right Colonies


These local bee equipment suppliers are members of the Geauga County Beekeepers Association.

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Thanks Dick Cryberg for bringing this to our attention. (below)

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Jim Davis has agreed to do inspections on a limited basis for Geauga county. He is also the inspector for Lake County. If you suspect you have American FoulBrood then by all means have Jim come over to look at your hives. Also, if you are going to sell hives, bees or queens, they have to be inspected before you can sell them. If you have any other problems with bees please call a friend or member of the bee club to try to help resolve the problem.

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