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2 reports of bears messing with hives in Geauga County in the recent week.

1. Bear attacked bee hives on the corner of Haskins Rd and Taylor May Rd in Bainbridge Ohio. The bee keeper had the hives ratchet strapped together so all that happened was there were claw marks on the outside of the hives and the hives had been moved about 15 ft from their previous location. Bees not Happy!

2. GCBA Member William CierBiej: My yard was raided by a Bear early this morning (May 31), he even left his calling card. I Picked up the pieces, giving the girls a day to calm down, looking for any comments on what to possibly expect next. Can I expect another visit tonight, Should I stand guard overnight? Any advise would be appreciated. Also anyone else in the Chesterland area (Cedar rd west of 306) BEWARE. Pictures of damage below:

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Upcoming Meetings

July 21 - 12pm


Bring a dish to share!

Swine Creek Reservation

Woods Edge Shelter

15900 Hayes Road Middlefield, OH 44062

Discussion and demonstration on wax processing, and it's never too early to think winter prep.

Next Bee Chat

Saturday, August 3rd

10am - 12:30pm

A few experienced beekeepers will be there to chat about bees. Please join us at the Burton Library for lively conversation about bees and beekeeping.

The Geauga County Beekeepers Association was founded on January 8th, 1976 at the Fowler Mills Church. Our club has approximately 70 members who attend our regular meetings.

Our mission is to enlighten the public about the benefits of beekeeping; to keep members updated on information such as diseases, equipment and beekeeping events; and to support each other by sharing our personal beekeeping experiences as well as helpful hints and guidance.

Members keep up to date on each others losses due to mites, hive beetles and natural predators such as bears and skunks.

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Colin Hughes being awarded our first Eleanor Spirka Memorial Scholarship.

Colin Hughes. He’s 12, in 4H, School Band and is an overall great guy. The kind of kid you’d point out to your own kids and say “be like him”. We are tickled he has taken up an interest in bees. He gets a hive, Bee equipment and a package of bees with Queen. Also a mentor for his first year. We know he will do the best he can for his bees. Congratulations Colin.

Pictured are Colin, His parents, and Dave Paterson who will be his mentor

Bee Chat photos from April 6

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