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Geauga County Beekeepers Association

2021 Meeting Agendas

note: for virtual Meetings, links will be emailed out approx. 15 minutes prior to meeting start

Feb 18 630 PM- virtual - building woodenware, getting bees, beginning beekeeping

Mar 18 630 PM - virtual - beyond first year beekeeping

April 15 630 - virtual - TBA

May 20 630 PM - Queen Rearing and Splits Round Table

June 26 at 230 PM - location TBA - Honey Extraction tips and tricks

July 31 at 9 AM - location TBA - Field Day with Bees!

Aug TBA - Fair prep or TBA

Sept TBA - travelling speaker from OSBA

Oct TBA - Elections, Bake Off, Winter prep

Nov 18 630 PM - virtual - Something about Mead!


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Beginning Beekeeping Workshops

March 25, 2021 Geauga County Beekeepers Association

Dale Olson will be presenting this important beginning bee keeping workshop in conjunction with the Geauga County Bee Keeping Association education program. This workshop is designed for people who would like to get started in beekeeping, those who have had previous beekeeping experience and want to get back into beekeeping, or those who just want to know more before taking the plunge.

Topics covered will include basic honeybee biology, races of bees, package bees versus nucs and where to get bees, how to start a hive, new and used equipment, keeping bees in a residential setting, feeding, inspections, swarm control, disease and pest management, producing honey and other hive products and over wintering.

Information on package bees, nuc’s and equipment will be available at the workshop.
Price includes a book about bees
Registration and agenda information can be found at:

Phone (440) 543-2552 Fax (440) 543-0415
Course Cost: $55.00 per family.
Course Dates:, January 28, February 25, March 25 2021
Time: 6:30pm – 9pm

Gardiner Elementary Center, room C7, 9421 E. Bainbridge Rd., Chagrin Falls, OH 44023

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Jim Davis has agreed to do inspections on a limited basis for Geauga county. He is also the inspector for Lake County. If you, as a beekeeper, if you suspect you have American FoulBrood then by all means have Jim come over to look at your hives. Also, if you are going to sell hives, bees or queens, they have to be inspected before you can sell them. If you have any other problems with bees please call a friend or member of the bee club to try to resolve the problem.

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Next Regular Club Meeting

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6:00 pm New Beekeepers

6:30 pm Regular Club Meeting

Kent State University, Geauga Campus

14111 Claridon Troy Road, Burton, OH 44021

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