GCSD eLearning Site

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eLearning Days are intended to keep students safe at home during inclement weather, or other unforseen situations, and continue to provide instructional time for all learners.

Hurricane Dorian caused Georgetown County School District to miss 4 days. As a result, we have determined the following dates as eLearning Days for 2020-2021:


The HTC Wi-Fi Hot Spots are up and running at the area High Schools. Search for the HTC Wi-Fi. There is no password needed. Below are the locations of the Hot Spots at each high school.

Below is an outline of our website along with a brief description of what you can find on each page. Click on the images in order to go to the associated pages.


Included on this page :

  • GCSD letters for families on eLearning
  • GCSD Tech agreement letters
  • Presentation on GCSD eLearning
  • Overview of GCSD eLearning components

Family Resources

Included on this page :

  • 3 Keys for Success poster
  • Video Tutorial: How to sign into Google Accounts from home
  • Video Tutorial: How to log into a GCSD Chrome Book without WiFi
  • Google Map of local businesses offering free WiFi in Georgetown County
  • List of contact information for each of the Georgetown County Libraries
  • List of the GCSD buildings offering connectivity for students from outside the building

Feedback Form

Included on this page :

  • Live survey for all families, teachers, and administrators after each of the eLearning days. This form will provide feedback on successes and areas for improvement in order for GCSD to improve the overall experience of eLearning.

Teachers Page

Included on this page :

  • Video tutorial playlist for different tools teachers could use for eLearning days
  • Video tutorial for using Remind for 2 way communication
  • Video: eLearning: Teachers Create Assignments in Google Classroom - example includes video, pdf, and Google doc assignments
  • Video: eLearning: Students Move Assignment for Offline Use - Google files only and intended only for the day before eLearning on Chromebooks
  • Video: eLearning: Students Download or Move Assignment Resources for Offline Use - includes directions for downloading video and pdf files, and moving a Google file on Chromebooks
  • Video: eLearning: Students Access Files without WiFi & Turn in to Google Classroom - includes directions for what the students may experience on Chromebooks during eLearning days.
  • Video: eLearning: 9-12 Students Access Files without WiFi - includes directions for HS students on how to download files the day before eLearning on laptops.
  • Suggested Lesson Engagement Times

Frequently Asked Questions

Included on this page :

  • Answers to various questions from all stakeholders about eLearning

Mock eLearning Days

Included on this page :

  • Dates of all district attendance zones and their mock eLeanring days
  • Purpose and overview of mock eLearning days