DynStoch 2018

Porto, Portugal, 6–8 June

This conference is an event organized by the DynStoch network (Statistical methods for dynamical stochastic models) and will be hosted at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto from the 6–8 June 2018.

The principal aim of the Dynstoch network is to make a major contribution to the theory of statistical inference for stochastic processes by taking advantage of the tools of modern probability theory including stochastic calculus and by using highly computer-intensive methods. The DynStoch conference will bring together researchers who are working on various topics in inference for stochastic processes. The focus is on estimation, testing and prediction methods for complex dynamic models such as e.g. diffusions or branching processes. These problems are of interest for example in modelling and data analysis in finance, turbulence, neuroscience, telecommunications or hydrology.

Further information on the DynStoch Network can be found here


  • Michael Sørensen U.Copenhagen
  • Peter Spreij U.Amsterdam
  • Arnaud Gloter U.Évry
  • Dasha Loukianova U.Évry
  • Paula Milheiro-Oliveira U.Porto


  • Paula Milheiro-Oliveira U.Porto



  • Submission deadline: 23/Feb
  • Registration deadline: 10/Mar