Escalante High School provides students support in developing proficient literacy skills. Being a strong reader and writer contributes to one's academic growth and opens doors to numerous opportunities following graduation.

Literacy Coach

Moqui Word Power Extravaganza

Spring 2021


We have had an incredible outpouring of generosity from Boulder and Escalante residents, extended family members, and anonymous donors from around the country who have donated towards the EHS Literacy Program.

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Research-Based Benefits of Reading

  • Stimulates the Brain

  • Reduces Stress

  • Increases Knowledge

  • Sparks Imagination

  • Expands Vocabulary and Language Skills

  • Improves Memory

  • Builds Strong Analytical Thinking Skills

  • Improves Focus and Concentration

  • Boosts Writing Skills

  • Strengthens Communication Skills

  • Creates Feelings of Tranquility

  • Enhances Life Skills and Experiences

  • Increases Opportunities

  • Provides Sense of Empowerment