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Microlearning deals with relatively small learning units and short-term learning activities. Generally, the term "microlearning" refers to micro-perspectives in the context of learning, education and training. More frequently, the term is used in the domain of e-learning and related fields in the sense of a new paradigmatic perspective on learning processes in mediated environments. (Wikipedia, retrieved 16:10, 11 December 2016 (EST)).


Pyxis is a personalized microlearning platform for educators full of easily accessible resources that are grounded in solid instructional pedagogy. Five Star experts curate resources that are matched to your interests and provide help right when you need it. Pyxis keeps track of all your hard work, so when it comes time to renew your license, you get credit for all those hours of growth and learning!

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For the 2016-17 school year, classroom teachers may participate in the "gamification" of Pyxis use. At the end of the school year, those teachers attaining the highest growth points will be awarded valuable prizes for use in their classroom in the upcoming school year. The top 3 growth point earners will receive Amazon Echos for their classroom. Other prizes include Amazon gift cards, gift certificates for Google Certified Educator exams, and much more.

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