Volunteer Info

Interested in Volunteering at Ryan High School?

General volunteer opportunities are available throughout the school year and PTSA welcomes you!

Look for the PTSA Membership table during Registration or stop by the front office for specific contact information.

Make a Difference!

Volunteers are always needed. Whether it's for PTSA, Sports, Choir, Band, Cheerleading, Theatre, Strutters, Honor Guard, etc.... RHS can use your help!!!

The DISD Volunteer page includes even more information about getting involved. Volunteers wishing to participate in classrooms and on field trips are required to complete the application found there.

Keep in mind that drive time, trips to the grocery store, cooking times, field trips, & booster club meetings can be counted. Every year hundreds of volunteer hours go unrecorded so PLEASE take the time to report as those hours help our school in many ways...and it is so easy! Please report all volunteer hours by clicking here.

Thanks in advance for supporting RHS!