Using Raspberry Pi

Advance preparation

We introduce the setting flow when using Raspberry Pi.

<Notes>· Both "SCORER Cloud" and "SCORER Edge" up to the network setting have the same setting flow. · If you are using SCORER Cloud and also want to use the SCORER Edge detection function together, please set the detection function in the Device Control function list .

Advance preparation

<Required Equipment and Recommended Equipment>

1. Single board computer

Recommended version: Raspberry Pi 3

2. Camera

<Operation verified camera>

      • Buffalo BSWHD 06 M
      • Buffalo BSW 20 KM 11 BK
      • Elecom UCAM-C0220 FBN

3. Micro SD card (used with single board computer)

<Verified SD card>

      • SanDisk SDSDQQ-032 G-G 46 A
* Please prepare SD card of 16GB or more.

Smartphone (used by default): iOS 9.1 or later or Android 6.0 or later

⇒ If you are using your micro SD card, please see How to install "SCORER Edge" on micro SD card .

⇒ Customers using Starter Kit (SCORER Edge installed) provided by our company install "SCORER Starer" to smartphone and register account .