IHS Wellness Center

HEALTH is a state of body . . . WELLNESS is a state of being

Upcoming Events

Join us for SAVE's fourth intersectional conversation in our Symbiosis series and celebrate Pride Month with us! Hear from our amazing youth keynote speaker, learn tips & tools to be an ally, enjoy a drag performance, and overall celebrate pride! The event will be held this Friday, June 4th, from 3:30 - 5:00 pm on zoom. This event is open to everyone, especially LGBTQ+ youth, families, and allies. Follow us on IG for updates @teamstyt.

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Wellness Committee Meeting Recordings

Click the buttons below to check out the most recent Wellness Committee meeting recording on 5/19/2021!

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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Irvington High School Wellness Center is to promote physical and emotional health, provide access to resources and develop social, physical and emotional support programs to create a safe, positive and engaging learning environment.


The Irvington High School Wellness Center staff believes:

• All students deserve and will have the opportunity, access and ability to achieve

• All students have the right to a safe and supportive learning environment

• All students have the right to be treated with dignity and respect

And that the Irvington High School Wellness Center is:

• A valuable resource for all students

• Comprehensive in scope, preventative in design, and developmental in nature

• Conducted in collaboration with stakeholders

• Culturally responsive to the community we serve

And that Irvington High School Wellness Center staff and partners:

• Recognize the link between physical and emotional health and academic success

• Cultivate lifelong learners

• Are active participants in school site committees and play a collaborative role in promoting campus wide health and wellness

• Participate in professional development and education essential to maintaining a quality Health and Wellness Program on campus.