Frontier Academy Elementary Arts

Come explore the arts with us at Frontier Academy Elementary School!

Every student at Frontier Academy attends music, art, and fine arts (which uses theatrical arts as ways to investigate literature, art, music, and history). These classes are designed to explore the age old masters of the arts and each student's connection to those masters in a modern world. Critical thinking, perseverance, problem-solving, collaborating, and communicating are all examined in these highly engaging classes.

We also offer dynamic after-school programming where students can dig deeper in their understanding of the arts. Each year students can attend one-on-one guitar lessons, explore more modern concepts of art in art club, and push themselves as actors and theatre technicians in our fall play or spring musical. These opportunities build on the work already done by students in class and help them develop more deeply as the next generation of artist practitioners.

Here you will find all your information for classrooms, shows, and arts events!