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The Freehold Regional High School District is committed to developing programs that advance student growth and learning that lead to preparedness for students’ desired outcomes.

Curriculum and programs are available for students to satisfy high school graduation requirements, explore individual interests in a variety of elective areas, or specialize in a focused elective area . FRHSD values the principles of equity and opportunity. We will maximize opportunities and access and support every student in achieving, academic and co-curricular goals. FRHSD is an open access district. A student can self-select into a course level. To inform these decisions, communication with the FRHSD department supervisor and school counselor is suggested prior to scheduling.

Our Strategic Plan outlines our commitment to all students:

When, we:

  • deliver a common standards-aligned curriculum

  • incorporate varied and authentic student centered learning practices

  • develop and utilize assessments aligned to standards that inform instructional decisions

Then, students will:

  • be equipped to realize their desired college and career outcomes

  • engage in a modern learning experience

  • actively construct knowledge in order to advance their own learning

Curriculum and Instruction

Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Nicole Hazel 732-792-7300, ext. 8531

Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Dr. Shanna Howell, 732-792-7300, ext.8529Affirmative Action Officer for Curriculum/Classroom Practices.

Executive Secretary, Ms. Cynthia Beatty, 732-792-7300, ext. 8529

Secretary, Ms. Amanda Santopietro, 732-792-7300, ext. 8599

Curriculum and Instruction

Administrative Supervisor, Ms. Stephanie Mechmann, 732-792-7300, ext. 8537

Administrative Supervisor, Mr. Oscar Diaz, 732-792-7300, ext. 8540