Curriculum and Instruction

Charting a Future of Excellence in Education

The Freehold Regional High School District is committed to developing programs that advance student growth and learning that lead to preparedness for students’ desired outcomes.

Our Strategic Plan outlines our commitment to all students:

When, we:

Then, students will:

Curriculum and Instruction

Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Shanna Howell  732-792-7300, ext. 8531
Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Dr. Mary, 732-792-7300, ext. 8529Affirmative Action Officer for Curriculum/Classroom Practices
Administrative Supervisor, Ms. Stephanie, 732-792-7300, ext. 8537 
Administrative Supervisor,  Dr. Oscar, 732-792-7300, ext. 8540
Administrative Supervisor,  Mr. Brian, 732-792-7300, ext. 8536
Executive Secretary, Ms. Cynthia, 732-792-7300, ext. 8529
Executive Secretary, Ms. Lauren O', 732-792-7300, ext. 8599