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How do I sign in to my SFU Google account?

How do I switch between multiple Google accounts?

  • Go to or any Google app, click the circle in the top right and select add account.
  • Then sign in with the other account.

How do I know which account I'm in?

  • Click the circle in the top right. The account name on the top is the one you are currently using.

Why is it asking if I want to use my personal account or organizational account?

This means you created a personal Google account using your SFU email before our University started using G Suite for Education. You will need to rename your personal account to resolve the two conflicting accounts that have the same name. More information on how to do this is coming soon. For now you can click organizational account.

How do I change my password?

  • Currently SFU Google users will need to contact IT Services.
  • After we switch to Gmail, we will have a new tool for users to change passwords on their own.

How can I switch between Google apps?

  • In the top corner of any Google page, click the Apps icon (pictured right).
  • You can also type in the address bar. Such as,, etc.

What apps are available in G Suite for Education?

Communicate with Mail, Calendar, and Hangouts, which includes instant messaging and video calls. Store files, create files, and share files in Drive with Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Forms, which creates surveys. Use YouTube to upload and share videos.

What browser should I use to access Gmail and Google apps?

  • Google Chrome browser supports all features of Google apps.
  • Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer do not support offline access or desktop notifications. Additionally Hangouts do not work in Edge.

What mobile apps should I use?

  • Google recommends syncing your mail and calendar by adding your account under settings in Andriod and iOS devices. You can download additional apps for Hangouts or Drive. For more information click Mobile under the Training tab.