Going Google

This site contains information to help you learn how to use Google Mail and G Suite for Education, formerly called Google Apps for Education.

What is G Suite for Education?

G Suite for Education is a collection of business productivity tools and collaboration apps that includes Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Drive, Docs, Forms, Sheets, Slides, and Hangouts.

Why are we switching from GroupWise email to Gmail?

We will gain the benefits of a robust and innovative feature set.

Going to Gmail will provide you with:

  • more email storage capacity,
  • more communication tools such as instant messaging and video calls,
  • more collaboration features,
  • the ability to access email and calendar from any device with an Internet connection.

FAQs about the switch from GroupWise to Gmail

When are we switching from GroupWise to Gmail?

Tuesday, February 28, 2017.

Will my email address stay the same?


Will my mail be copied over?

We are currently testing migration tools to copy over mail. We hope to copy over mail, contacts, and calendar for most faculty and staff.

What about my GroupWise archive?

After the switch, employees with an archive will be able to submit a work order to IT Services to request a transfer.

Will I still have access to GroupWise?

You will still be able to open GroupWise. However, after the date we switch all new mail will be found in Gmail and you will only be able to send and reply to messages in Gmail.

For more information on why we're switching to Gmail, view the presentation below.

Gmail Q&A 2016